How to Throw an Awesome Garden Party This Coming Spring


Spring is the perfect time of the year to host barbecues, pool parties and other social gatherings. Whether you’re looking to find a new buddy or a potential business partner, hosting a fabulous spring gathering is indeed a great way to draw a nice crowd.

Just imagine yourself sitting under the sun, drinking a glass of cool lemonade and having a nice chat with your closest friends and coworkers.

Not sure how to throw a party? We got you covered! Our garden party tips are perfect for your upcoming spring gatherings.

Preparing the outdoor area


Before you call everyone over, there are a couple of home improvement tasks you need to work on. We’ve listed all the chores needed to ensure that your outdoor living space looks presentable to your guests.

Tidy up the entire space

Cleaning your outdoor area won’t take long if you follow a regular maintenance routine. Brushing the furnishings, cutting the grass, washing the outdoor linens, pruning the shrubs, and repairing damaged gazebos or pergolas at least once a week is highly recommended.

We suggest creating a doable routine as soon as possible so you don’t have to make a lot of adjustments. Below are the tasks you need to schedule:

  • Trim the grass on the yard. Also, see to it that you water the lawn regularly so the grass can grow green and healthy all throughout the spring season.
  • De-grime your patios by using cleaning solution diluted in warm water. Scrub off the oily stains and spots using a stiff broom or a brush.
  • Don’t forget to clean your garden furniture set. Make sure to use the appropriate tools and cleaners to avoid scratching or damaging your outdoor furniture.
  • Repair any damages on the fence, garden pathway, pergola or other structures in your garden.
  • Replace soiled linens or textile at least once every two weeks. Failing to wash the linens will result in hard-to-remove black spots or yellowish stains.

Install pretty outdoor lights

Light up the space and take your guest to a whimsical night by installing a few lighting fixtures in your garden. Adding lights in some areas in the garden can significantly improve its aesthetic appeal. Here are the best outdoor lights you can use in the market today:

  • Spotlight – Because the spotlight is a highly versatile type of lighting fixture, you can install them anywhere you like. 
  • Pendant lights – These work well for the garden entryway and the gazebo.
  • Floodlights – Install floodlights on large trees to keep the garden well-illuminated even during at night time.
  • Path lights – Boost the appeal of your garden pathway by installing these small but bright lighting fixtures.
  • Pixie lights – adorn the trees, shrubs and fences with as many pixie lights as you want. These aren’t as expensive as other types of lighting and they make a fine addition to any type size of the property.

Clean up the grills

It’s totally unhygienic to prepare meals on a dirty barbeque grill. Make it a habit to wash and brush the grill right after you use it. Cleaning it won’t take you an hour as long as you follow the step below:

  • Remove the grill and grates and soak them in dish soap dissolved in hot water.
  • Begin scrubbing the areas under the barbeque hood to remove the carbon and grease buildup.
  • Clean the walls using a scrub or a brush and wipe the entire area with a paper towel.
  • Scrub the grill and grates and rinse them with a pressurized hose.
  • Re-install the grates, drip pan and grill after you dry them up.
  • Wipe the exterior walls and tidy up the barbeque cabinet with a clean paper towel.

Consider installing a comfy shelter

The weather changes a lot during the spring. When the weather turns, you want to have a comfy shelter in your garden where you can entertain your guests. You can build a patio or install awnings depending on the available space in your garden.

Build a nice fire pit

If gathering around the fire during the evening while you drink beer or make smores sounds appealing to you, we suggest adding a fire pit or a fire bowl in your garden. You can either build a pit on your own or buy a ready-made fire bowl from the nearest home improvement store.

For additional appeal, you should try adding a modular garden furnishings so you and your guests can cosy up on the chairs during the evening.

Organising the garden party

Now that your garden area looks clean and well-kept, your next order of business is organising the gathering. Rest assured that it won’t be as tedious as tidying up the space.

Prepping the food and party drinks

There’s plenty of food items and beverages you can serve to your guests when you host a garden party in spring. To minimise your time thinking of what food or drinks you should offer to the party attendees, you can consider the following factors:

  • How many people do you want to invite to the gathering?
  • Are there vegan or vegetarians included in the guest list?
  • What party theme do you want to use for the event?
  • Are you expecting kids to swing by the party too?
  • What sort of drinks do you think your guests would prefer?
  • Do you have cocktail ingredients in your pantry?
  • What sort of garnishes do you need?

Choosing the party theme

It’s way better to follow a party theme than just randomly picking the decorations or food items for the gathering. It’ll help you create a cosier and more exciting atmosphere for your guests.

If you’re having trouble in selecting a party theme, you can consider the factors enumerated below:

  • Who are you expecting to come?
  • What party themes suit the occasion?
  • Do you have enough budget for the food and props needed for the theme?
  • What furnishings do you currently have in your house?
  • Do you need to borrow items like tables or chairs?
  • Is it a formal party? A casual gathering? A family event?

When you already have a party theme in mind, you can start thinking of the activities you should include in the gathering.

For example, if you’re inviting neighbours with kids, you may want to create a party area and include fun and exciting games as part of the program.

Setting the schedule

Pick a schedule that works best for your guests. This way, they can come and celebrate with you without compromising their schedules. Ideally, garden parties are hosted during the weekends but since there are plenty of holidays during the spring season, you can schedule the party on a Friday.

Finalizing the number of attendees

Knowing the final count of confirmed guests is crucial especially if you’re on a budget. This will allow you to effectively outline the costs involved for the food, drinks and whatnot. It will also help you make the necessary budget adjustments in case you’re not sure how much you need to spend for each guest.

Try asking for the guest confirmation at least two weeks before your target day. This will give you enough room to complete the budget and procure chairs and other items needed to accommodate everyone.

If you’re planning to host any type of social gathering in your garden this coming spring, simply follow the tips we shared above. These will help you organise a great party for your loved ones, friends, coworkers and even future business partners.