Foreigners renting House through Letting Agents in Weybridge


Many people all around the world travel to other countries to find job opportunities, to study or for recreational purpose. Whatever the reason may be, you will need to rent residential property to stay in. But you cannot rent a house in the UK without the help of certain people and especially if you are visiting for the very first time.

So who will you reach out for to help for renting a house, flat or even a room? Letting Agents in Weybridge is the right choice for you. Maybe people have told you about the typical duties of a letting agent but there is more to it. A letting agent will assist you from the beginning till the end.

Foreigners renting House through Letting Agents in Weybridge
Foreigners renting House through Letting Agents in Weybridge

Search for the right letting Agent in Weybridge:

The most important point that foreigners should understand that you need to search for a letting agent help you find the right house to rent. An efficient agent will not only find an appropriate home but also benefit you in many ways.

Make a Checklist of the Required Documents:

It is crucial that you make a list of the documents required for renting the property. An agent will help you in gathering them.

  1. The UK visa and passport.
  2. Proof of employment, if you have come for job purpose.
  3. Testimony of the educational institute you are studying in.
  4. Previous reference of the landlord if you are changing the current property.
  5. Evidence that you do not have an earlier criminal record.

Deciding the Tenancy Agreement:

The reason for your visit to the UK will determine the tenancy agreement you want. If you have come for employment then it may happen that the company provides you with accommodation but you can rent a house yourself.

The college or university provides the student’s accommodation either on campus or outside. But several students can rent a house together which is called joint tenancy. Other students who can afford rent come under the sole tenancy agreement. So be wise in choosing the agreement of tenancy.

Information about the Landlord:

Another duty of an agent is to investigate various landlords who are going to let you rent the house. The unbiased nature of the agent will provide with the honest opinion regarding the landlord. This vital in making a decision about the landlord you want to approach.

Inspect the Property:

A person who has migrated from other countries will not be aware of the pros and cons of the residential property. So a letting agent can do the inspection of the houses for you. Or you can yourself do it under the supervision of the agent. This is a much better option as you can check for any defects in the building.

Arrange for Proper Agreement:

When you have made the decision of selecting the property, the next step to do in renting in England is to arrange for a property lawyer who can carefully and make a tenancy agreement keeping in mind all the legal points. An agreement must have these points;

  1. Names of both the parties.
  2. Rent and the mode of payment.
  3. The time duration of the tenancy.
  4. Responsibilities of tenant and landlord.
  5. The amount that will be deposited.

There can be other terms and conditions added to the agreement. They can be arranged by the letting agent who can be provided by various online property websites. Finserving is one of the best online sites to guide you in this matter.

Final Checks before Moving in:

The person who is going to rent the property must check a few things before moving in as tenants in Weybridge.

  1. Do a final check of the tenancy agreement to be sure no fraud is done.
  2. Inquire about the inventories that both parties agreed upon.
  3. Take the reading of gas, water and electric meter to keep a track of the bills.
  4. Exchange the contact details for emergencies.
  5. Make the initial down payment and ask of some proof.

Moving into the Residential Property:

If the house you are renting is fully or partially furnished then it is easy as you need to pack your bags and move in. But for those who have furniture and other items with them, the letting agent will help you there too. He will arrange for the movers and helpers to load and unload your household items.

Responsibilities as Tenants in Weybridge:

Once you have moved in as tenants in Weybridge, it is your duty to abide by some rules and regulations that the UK government has set for you to follow. A letting agent also makes sure that you are following the below-mentioned guidelines;

  1. Rent payment must be on time.
  2. Paying the bills and if the rent includes all the bills then the tenant has nothing to worry about.
  3. The tenant is responsible for any damage that has been done; it does not include any natural disaster. Also, he should inform the landlord before doing any repairs.
  4. The responsibility of checking the security of the house like; alarms, detectors cooling and heating systems.

For people who are new in the UK and want to find a space for rent then searching for it through letting Agents in Weybridge will be a wise choice as they will know each and every nook and corner of the area and which type of property will be best for foreigners to live in.