Want to Sell House Quickly We Buy Houses in Birmingham


Selling a house in the current market can turn out to be an extremely long and difficult process.  With the ever increasing number of under-priced foreclosures and home values dropping to an all-time low, there is increased competition. It may therefore take months to sell your house through a real estate agent. But what if you are not patient to wait for months in order to sell your house? What if your home requires some repairs in order to attract potential buyers? What if like many homeowners, you are behind in your mortgage payments and you want to see if you can salvage the situation fast? What if the house was one hundred percent financed and you owe more than the home is worth. What if the home risks foreclosure or even an auction date has been set and you are running out of time? The good news is that we are here to help you. We buy houses in Birmingham, UK from several individuals in any unimaginable situation. We buy houses fast!

If you are not in a position to make any other mortgage payment we can assist you close within the shortest duration. We buy houses – Birmingham area – using either of the following methods.

Short Sale : This strategy is applicable to homes with little or no equity. When we buy houses through a short sale it means we offer you an amount less than the balance owing on the home’s mortgage. This is done by negotiating the balance with your mortgage provider. Usually when we buy using a short sale there is little or no closing costs involved.

Subject to Mortgage : In subject to mortgage we buy houses by “assuming” your mortgage, this means that we take over the responsibility of making payments on the mortgage although the mortgage stays in your name. In the event that you are behind in payment we are responsible for bringing the payments up to date and instantly relieving you from debt.

Equity Partnering : This is a common strategy for houses that has some equity. When we buy houses through equity partnering we shoulder the costs of any renovations or repairs required before reselling the house. This is a win-win situation since the house is sold in good condition at a higher market price.

Cash Sale : For those who prefer cash we also buy by paying you all cash for the home. Unlike other buyers who have to qualify for financing from the lenders, we are a professional company and we buy houses all the time. This means we have enough and readily available funds to purchase your home and close quickly. So remember, we buy houses AS-IS, meaning the condition of the house is not a key consideration for us. We buy houses of all types, sizes and shapes hence instantly relieving you from debt. We have a perfect solution for whatever situation you may be and furthermore, our experienced team is determined to help you get the most out of a guaranteed sale.